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Condition Monitoring

Published on Monday, 17 September 2012 12:14 Hits: 5850

Category: Condition Monitoring

With the help of our systems you are able to realize the both most important facts of Condition Monitoring: safety and efficiency. If you gather relevant physical data permanently, you will recognize signs of wear and error sources prematurely and you will be able to schedule maintenances, too. As a result these can be bound into the production process smoothly. Potential periods of inactivity are reduced in this case and lifetime of critical appliances or components can be used completely. Therefore, the advantages of Condition Monitoring are obvious: reduction in costs, gain in efficiency and increase of plant availability.

Predictor CMS-1:

It captures continuously these physical values which have an influence to the machine status and detects the factual wear state of assemblies and machines by using an online diagnose.

Building monitoring ABCS:

Voltage-free measuring of absolute value is the keyword for this unique measuring system. It makes it possible for you to do static and dynamic length measurement even without power supply.